The Work shirt –

Zacchs was created to dress the professional in the workplace. We know that the quality and cut of the shirt you wear all day matters. We created Zacchs to meet that criteria, while being subtle and timeless.

Grey Micro Gingham Shirt

It’s in the details

Our shirts are crafted using the same time honoured shirt making techniques and are held to the same meticulous standards as our flagship Novesa of London dress shirts. We’ve focused on classic patterns, using fabrics and weaves that are meant to stand up to your workday.

Each shirt undergoes 47 process to bring together 33 separate shirt components.

We use exclusive fabrics from some of Europe’s finest weaving mills.

Our collars are non-fused and crafted with 12 components.

Designed to impress; crafted to last

We select only the finest fabrics for our shirts, those proven to stand up to your day to day wear. We craft our shirts using time honoured English shirt making techniques and take pride in the fact that we don’t cut corners on the stitching or components used. For instance, we use purl button holes with 157 stitches for each, so the button rests on the purl and not the shirt. We finish with lockstitch, so that loose thread when tugged on tightens the stitch instead of unravelling like other shirts.

We stand behind our shirts – Guaranteed.

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